Education is a cornerstone of our Association. Our education series has been created to meet a variety of training needs in the real estate investing industry. As times change our association education changes to reflect the current environment.

 Continuous training is paramount to your overall business success. That’s why we provide comprehensive educational programs for a broad range of real estate investors, from rehab to rentals, and all of the investing strategies in between.

Give your business an edge by enhancing your knowledge through the education offered through Memberflow. Gain knowledge from instructors who are successful investors with years of experience in the real estate investing industry, or who are community resources or supporters of our industry.

They are:

  • Knowledgeable in theory AND application
  • Equipped with industry-leading technology
  • Connected to a nationwide membership network
  • Ethical and committed to upholding the prestige of the Professional Housing Provider designation
  • Equipped with the latest news and information
  • Dedicated to serving the real estate investing community

Speakers range from national speakers, to local specialists, to governmental officials. For more details on other ongoing educational programs click here.

Educated investors make the difference to our customers, our residents and the communities in which we invest, our own financial success, and our industry’s reputation. Take your skills to the next level – get the knowledge advantage in a constantly changing world. Participate this year and see the difference a REIA education will make!